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SMTP Fallback Methods

by David Addison

In this post we examine SMTP fallback methods used at Dirigo to ensure even higher availability for e-commerce transactional e-mail.

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Building an Email Service Provider (ESP) Marketing Automation Platform

by David Addison

We're busy rebuilding the future of Commercial Email Marketing (ESP) right here in Maine. Our goal is to provide a service with less friction, bigger data, and more agility than most ESPs for the Resort & Outdoor vertical. Follow us on the technical side of our journey as we expand our messaging business. A great deal of innovation is happening in the ESP business in Portland, Maine.

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Handlebars Dot Net

by Justin Colangelo

Streamlining development of websites using Handlebars.Net. Several similar content pages created in a CMS without the help of a developer.

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How Much Does Video Cost?

by Adrian Wong-Ken

Most production firms charge between $95/hour and $175/hour for key activities such as shooting, editing and directing a corporate video.  "A-list" professionals command an order of magnitude more.  Actors typically run $75/hr to $500/hr. The best  talent is usually a member of SAG, ACTRA or some other union.  A RED camera with lenses can run $1,200 a day.  A lighting and sound crew cost between $50-$75/hour. Hair and makup runs $30-60/hr. And these are just some of the costs. Professionally produced web-based corporate videos start between $1,200 - $2,000 per minute.

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Responsive Image Support in DirigoEdge v2.4.0

by Derek Wheelden

Over the past few months browsers have started to support the image 'srcset' attribute that allows for responsive images in HTML. This gives us the tools to tell the browser to load certain images based on device size. We can tell the browser to load a 320px wide version of an image on an iPhone, or a 1600px wide version on a big desktop screen. Now we’re able to load the best image for the device. The srcset attribute comes with a messy syntax so we've baked a solution into DirigoEdge that takes away the need to 'configure' images by hand inline.  Our DirigoEdge CMS users can now place images via the CMS and just forget about all the technical stuff - the code does all of the work.

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Has iOS 10 Mail made it too easy to unsubscribe?

by dolan

In September of 2016, Apple’s iOS 10 Mail app started supporting a line of code Email Service Providers (ESPs) use in the header of their emails that enables an instant one-click unsubscribe feature. It is called list-unsubscribe, or native unsubscribe; meaning the action to unsubscribe happens directly from within the mail app.

Did you see a jump in unsubscribes in the fall of 2016? We'll explain to you why that isn't necessarily cause for alarm. 

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Dynamic Media Module

by Justin Colangelo

The Dynamic Media Grid makes it much easier for clients to display content. They can either enter the grid item data themselves, or choose to have each item pulled dynamically.

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Where Have All the ASP.NET Developers in Maine Gone?

by David Addison

In an era of high unemployment in Maine there are still a few pockets where employers are having a hard time finding qualified personnel. Computer programming and web development is one such area. The .NET Framework or ASP.NET continues to be a difficult skill to hire and retain. It's not so much .NET developers in general that are scarce; it's the MVC, C#, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJS, Entity Framework, Github, Saas... specific expertise that is required to do great web development that's difficult. There are plenty of .NET developers. Just not many that we'd care to hire. We hire unicorns and they're hard to find.  If you're looking for a group to help you with an ASP.NET web project in Maine, New Hampshire or New England, you’ve come to the right place.  If you're a hospital, auto dealer, ski resort, or email marketer, you've hit the mother load of all jackpots.

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We're an Experienced YachtWorld Web Development Group

by David Addison

Need YachtWorld brokerage / listing integration?  Let Dirigo build custom features into your boating website.

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Page Speed: Increasing Your Site's Googlebot Crawl Budget, Part 5

by David Addison

Large-scale studies have shown that conversions and revenue decrease as page load time increases, and Google knows that their users are generally less likely to bounce back to the SERPs from sites that load faster than their ranking competitors, so it makes perfect sense that Google would give faster websites a bump.

But what's Google's definition of "fast"? Their general guideline for average page load time is to keep it under two seconds.

Getting anywhere near that number will not happen just by chance of good web development work; there are several technical layers of potential inefficiencies that each require careful consideration and fine-tuning to achieve maximum performance from the entire web stack, and these will vary from site to site.

While I couldn't possibly hope to provide a comprehensive reference on website performance tuning in the scope of a blog about increasing your Googlebot crawl budget, what follows is a high-level overview of the broad scope of factors that have the potential to improve page speed in ways meaningful to Googlebot and pals.

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