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New Dirigo branding strategy and new business cards too

New Dirigo branding strategy and new business cards too

In between the myriad of client work, our own Web site redesign and painting our office walls, we somehow found time to get business cards designed and printed. We deployed QR codes on some staff cards and used a custom size to create memorability.

The business cards were personal to us, as it became our introduction of the new brand to the world. We all take them quite seriously and they set the tone for the rest of the stationary, both printed and digital.

We wanted the card to accomplish two things, to stand out from the crowd as interesting and edgy while presenting our information clearly. As far as function goes, a business card needs to be that, but in a business where we want to present to a potential client that our business delivers innovative interactive solutions (Web sites, mobile site/app, social, etc.), the card needs a little bit of form. Without putting form over function, we developed balance without sacrificing either function or form

For example, taking something as purely functional as a QR code, sometCheckboard of new business cardshing with little-to-no wiggle-room for customization, we simply matched the pantone color to blend in while never sacrificing function. As someone who tested the code on several devices and many sizes, I can attest to its functionality. And we take user testing very seriously around here!

In choosing an almost-unconventional size, we took into consideration function as well. Having looked at the other end of the size-spectrum in businesses cards, the larger (almost square) sizeand complements the sleek, clean lines of our logo and the way we presented the information on the back.

The paper is from a paper company that has a reputation for beautiful paper, The French Paper Company. We went with white, with a little bit of a toothy feel instead of cream or various off-whites to bring out the pop of the pantone color. Pop being the operative word because we eventually settled on the Pop-Tone line of papers in its thickest stock they offered.

Maybe it is a true design nerd who gets overly excited about these things (raise your hand if you like the smell of paper and this paper smells like old crayons, BTW) but we hope you will be at least half-excited about it as we are. A fair warning: we have thousands to unleash on the masses.


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