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Many authors, only one voice

Many authors, only one voice

More and more businesses are reaching out to potential and existing clients/customers through their Website. To be successful in this endeavor your content has to be compelling. One of the traits of compelling content is a Website with a voice that reflects and communicates the personality of the business or organization. At Dirigo Design & Development we help our clients find their voice and project it clearly through their Website. Just like so many other aspects of editing and style, having a unified and consistent voice is subtle. But the lack of it will scream out to your clients, and they won't like what they hear. A unified voice projects professionalism. It shows that the business is clear on who they are, what their mission is, and how they are going to achieve it. Has your business found its voice? Dirigo can help. Give us a call at 207-347-7360.

In the meantime, let's talk more about the voice, and I don't mean Whitney Houston. The voice of the business needs to be reflected in everything written on the Website. Or more accurately put, everything written for the Website needs to be written with that voice. But before you can write with it, you have to know what it is, which means you have to know who your business is. Now that seems like a silly question. Of course you know who your business is! But if you were asked what set your business apart from all the others in your industry, how would you answer? What descriptive words would you use? How would you describe the work style and personality of the business? You have to be able to answer these questions before you can begin to understand the voice of the business. Next, it is important that all of the employees understand the voice, especially those who write for the Website.

This brings us to another point. What if more than one person contributes content to the Website in which they are noted as the author? It is important that the uniqueness of each author comes through. It is a tribute to the strength diversity has brought to the business. But the uniqueness of each author should still come under the umbrella of the business voice.


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