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A quick image editor: FireShot or Aviary

A quick image editor: FireShot or Aviary

A couple of weeks ago, I updated to Windows 8, the first one among my team at Dirigo. Perhaps I was the brave one or the innovative one or the crazy one? Okay, let’s not debate my mental health.

I have been a faithful Aviary user, using the Aviary Firefox plugin for several years. I was content with Aviary but decided that since I was (drastically) moving to a different user interface anyway, maybe I should consider a different webpage screenshot image editor. Some of my teammates use FireShot, so I thought let’s try it. Here’s why I’m now a FireShot user:

  1. More capturing options
  2. More saving options

I generally use a webpage screenshot editor to quickly share one or more images with colleagues and clients. Still images and pictures of whole or partial areas in my browser are my usual save types (pdf, png, or jpeg). I sometimes overlay shapes like lines and arrows to illustrate a point when I’m interacting with someone.

Here’s an example of a pix that I snapped via the captured selected area option. I used a brand everyone knows, Nike. I’m a fan of Nike’s follow us area. I copied an area of Nike's home page to my clipboard (which is my fav FireShot feature). Another popular screen capture program -- Awesome Screenshot -- does not have the copy to clipboard feature. With my speakers on, I can hear when FireShot has saved the image as it sounds like an old fashioned camera, you know, when you used to take pictures with 35mm film. I can manipulate the image within almost any software package from Outlook to Word and Photoshop.

excerpted snapshot of Nike's social on home page

If saving to your clipboard isn’t your game, you can also edit, upload, save as pdf, print, email, and open to an external editor. On your browser line (in Firefox 15.0.1), FireShot is located to far right. You see the signature S plus options when you click on the dropdown menu.

picture of where FireShot can be found in browser

Try it out … and don’t forget to download from Mozilla Firefox directly and that your device has anti-virus software just to be sure! Happy editing!


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