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Time for some juice: Technorati juice

Time for some juice: Technorati juice

Launched in 2006, Technorati, an Internet search engine for blogs, looks at tags that authors have placed on their Web sites. These tags (originally termed Technorati tags) help to categorize search results. Technorati rates each blog's "authority” and the number of unique blogs linking to the blog over the previous six months.

Technorati Media is an integrated online media company with a large and active advertising network, three web properties, and an advertising technology platform. Launched in June 2008, Technorati Media’s advertising network quickly grew into the largest social media ad network boasting an audience of over 150 million unique U.S. visitors. In July of 2010, ComScore ranked Technorati as the 4th largest social media property and the 3rd largest blog property.

If you have a blog, you need to claim it on the Technorati Directory. Being listed in the Technorati index is just another inbound link—a little bitty part of your link building/SEO campaign. Claiming your blog will add it to Technorati's Blog Directory and will let you see links from sites in the Technorati index to your blog.

To claim your blog, sign-in to Technorati (or create a new account) and go to your personal profile page by clicking on your name in the top right of any page. You will see the place to begin your claim by entering your blog URL just after the section that contains your profile image. Technorati will ask you to publish a Technorati Claim Token (a string of characters and numbers) in your blog as a method of authenticating that you are in fact the owner of the claim.

Spend a minute or two filling in your profile (or make plans to come back to it). Be sure to complete your profile 100%. With a claim comes the ability to add details to the search results, and perhaps most important, adding up to 20 static tags to your blog. You should take the time to create an attractive 100px by 100px (keep it square) logo for Technorati. Use your logo and not a personal picture.

This post is Dirigo’s claim to Gray Matter - Technorati Claim Token 7JA546HQXG6R


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