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Has iOS 10 Mail made it too easy to unsubscribe?

by dolan

In September of 2016, Apple’s iOS 10 Mail app started supporting a line of code Email Service Providers (ESPs) use in the header of their emails that enables an instant one-click unsubscribe feature. It is called list-unsubscribe, or native unsubscribe; meaning the action to unsubscribe happens directly from within the mail app.

Did you see a jump in unsubscribes in the fall of 2016? We'll explain to you why that isn't necessarily cause for alarm. 

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Analytics, Damn Liars & Don Quixote: Telling the Real Story with the Right Data

by Ryan Smith

It's ridiculously easy to be misled by analytics reports whose metrics don't normalize for the right set of variables. Poorly-considered metrics that don't tell the whole story followed by analysis which is hamstrung by such myopic scope, summarized into neat little narratives that are self-consistent, convincing, and wrong. This little crime against reason doesn't exist in a bubble; real people will make real, consequential decisions based on it, sometimes threatening to impact our daily lives.

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The Dirigo of Tomorrow

by David Addison

Rumor has it that Dirigo is growing.  We can confirm the rumors.  Growth here at Dirigo is very well planned and totally sustainable.  We never put firm growth above client needs.  We'd rather turn jobs away rather than take too much work.

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New Dirigo branding strategy and new business cards too

by Jessie Lacey

In between the myriad of client work, our own Web site redesign and painting our office walls, launched a new branding strategy, including new business cards. We deployed QR codes on some staff cards and used a custom size to create memorability.

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What is branding and why is it critical to your organization

by Victoria Kuhn

Many of our clients ask: What is branding? What is a logo? Do we need a tagline? Is a tag different from a slogan? Let's dig into the terms and shed some light.

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Apple Meet Tree

by David Addison

The first quarter is gone and the year looks good.  Are you meeting your sales goals?  If you’re not meeting your goals it's time to evaluate your digital and offline strategy.  Digital for digital’s sake no longer guarantees success. It never did! Regardless of who you are, what you make and how you sell, your shoppers are omnipresent (anytime, anywhere, anyhow).  Are you?

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A quick image editor: FireShot or Aviary

by Victoria Kuhn

Check out FireShot, a webpage screenshot editor available as Mozilla Firefox plugin. FireShot’s various capturing and saving features make taking partial to full snapshots of items in a browser super quick and just as easy.

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Time for some juice: Technorati juice

by David Addison

Stop what you’re doing and take a few minutes to claim your blog on Technorati. As a portal into the blogosphere, Technorati is fairly prominent. With a little effort, Technorati can be a valuable asset to the professional blogger.

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Many authors, only one voice

by Victoria Kuhn

More and more businesses are reaching out to potential and existing clients/customers through their sebsite. To be successful in this endeavor your content has to be compelling.

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