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An annual report plus an integrated print-digital solution

An annual report plus an integrated print-digital solution

We are proud to share our creative team’s latest work: Community Dental’s 2011 annual report. The report is a departure from the typical large format of 2010.

Image of inside of annual report

The document is environmentally friendly in three areas: reduced size, a better quality yet Neenah 100% recycled paper, and this year we added a digital component to shake things up. All this and with a roughly 25% paper-printing-postage savings—pretty amazing!

Production value was increased with original content from a free Facebook photo contest, not to mention a more innovative way to showcase the sometimes dry financials in any organization’s annual report. Check out the smiling faces of real Maine people and our client’s patients featured in the report. Goodbye stock photo fees, not to mention the heart palpations that occur when any marketer sees an image purchased from Getty or iStock on another brand’s marketing document!

The print run was pared down by half. Next we developed a digital newsletter that was sent to Maine legislators to introduce the brand as digital pioneer. The newsletter also showcased the new annual report landing page, the site’s health library, and info about the easy-to-use online appointment intake form and downloadable new patient packets.

Summary: The tangible print piece was upgraded and our client is now truly in the digital space with this solution. And we have just gotten underway! Stay tuned as our integrated (print/offline and digital) efforts will continue to help this organization realize their mission, reach customers, and improve the health of children and adults.

Related to the mission, we improved the remittance envelope too and stayed within budget. Why? Well, the client added the envelope to the mix after the annual report budget was established so we set our minds to creatively stay within budget (and of course this was a business requirement). This passive (not passé) marketing tool, the donation envelope, has provided a healthy return to the organization every year for several years as an insert, inside the annual report. In keeping with annual report improvements, the envelope also received a face-lift. Revised as a one-part-er (it was two separate pieces before) with a back flap offering the donor the option to easily categorize where and what program the donor wants funds directed toward and how/if to acknowledge the gift.

And guess what? We came in ever so slightly under budget. That’s always a beautiful thing (and we may be biased as the design is pretty nice too).

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