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What happens during an Internet blackout for the Internet dependent

What happens during an Internet blackout for the Internet dependent

The Internet has been down for a little over two hours When panicked, Danny returns to his natural state: snacking now. Our work depends on uptime so, we did what we could do. The rest of the time, well we discussed what could be going on "outside."

One thing we did learn, pressing the 0 button while in the call queue, rather than bypassing the tree shooting us right to an operator, well sad to say, but Time Warner has caught on. Pressing 0 actually just disconnects you. You win this round Time Warner.

I look out the window and see people. Ok the world has not ended. That's good. Although I was really hoping to use my zombie-machete, there is always tomorrow.

Some graphic work I was in the middle of, I could finish because finishing it did not rely on the Internet. Rather than e-mailing it, and I knew Dropbox syncing wouldn't work...I printed it. I printed it and took that physical evidence of my work, contained on a tree-destroying piece of old technology called paper. I walked across the office past the other idle and frustrated co-workers and handed it in with a chuckle. Shoes + paper, that is our Internet now.

Every pause is marked with a refreshing of the browser page, just to make sure...still nothing. I look outside again, I see people walking, I wonder, "should I go run an errand?" Na, I hit the refresh button, it could be back on...any moment now. Hit refresh.

For the first time I am regretting my "freeing" myself of AT&T and getting Google voice. Why not? I was going to be on Wi-Fi 95% of my day. I could get calls, make calls, send and receive text; I just need to be on Wi-Fi. I mean, unless I was out in the middle of the woods or something, and when does that happen to me? I would like to borrow someone's iPhone...just to check my e-mail, or Facebook, or Twitter, is that weird? I hit refresh again.


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