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DirigoEdge Blog Upgrade

DirigoEdge Blog Upgrade

Release Notes:

This post relates to DirigoEdge work that happened between 10/14/2013 and 10/22/2013 where Justin Colangelo and Jessie Lacey made upgrades to the DirigoEdge blog engine.

  1. A new template was created which displays “Featured” blogs on the home page for the blog (blogroll page). 
  2. Blog User pages were created. Anchor text now links to User pages that display all blogs written by a specific user.
  3. Counts were added next to the Category Title.
  4. Popular Posts in the right navigation was reworked to include a Category label and Author.
  5. Date Archive was added.
  6. User photo was added to the “/blog/user/username” page.
  7. JSON/AJAX “Load More” function was added to Blogroll, Popular Posts, Archive, Category, and  Author features.
  8. Related articles were added to the bottom of the blog detail page.


Where do we set the number of items loaded on the blogroll page?
Admins will log-in, navigate to /admin/blogsettings/ and enter a number of blogs to show on the blogroll. The field is labeled “Initial Blog Count On Blogroll”.

Where do we set the number of items loaded by "Load More"?
We do not allow changing this value from the admin panel. This can be done in the code.  By default, it is set to 10. The number is set in the blog_class.js file under the AJAX methods for loading more data. The BlogActionsController.cs has the AJAX methods that send the count to the the GetBlogs method in our case. The method takes a number of arguments. BlogModel.GetBlogs(int, int, List<string>, string, string). The count is used in the LINQ expression as the Take(int) method.

Where do we set the number of items that are related?  
As stated before about the load more functionality, it is set to 10 in the blog_class.js file under the AJAX methods that use the BlogActionsController.cs methods. It is not editable/changed in the admin screens, only in the code. The logic here compares tag words in other blog posts to the current viewed post. It also compares the category. If the tag words are empty then the results will include other posts that have no tags.

Where do we store blog images?
The blog images are uploaded to “/Content/Uploaded/BlogFeaturedImages/”. They do not relate to images stored by Manage Media.

How do META tags work?
Meta Description, OG Title, OG Image, OG URL, Canonical are being used on the blog detail page. If META information is not set in the admin area for a particular post, they are generic or empty.

How do I configure Facebook or Disqus comments?
These are done in the Settings > Blog Settings area.  Just put a check in the box.  This is a global setting. 



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