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Supporting Multiple Languages in DirigoEdge

Supporting Multiple Languages in DirigoEdge

We have a developer in Denmark who's going to be using DirigoEdge for a website project. He asked about functionality to support multiple languages. This is our response:

DirigoEdge is built on .Net MVC, so if you plan on using the Views, you can just use local / global resources as usual (@Html.Resource(“ResourceName”).

If you plan on using the cms aspect (which we would recommend), then you could setup a content page for each language. For example : contact, contact_en, contact_ru, etc. Then, in the content viewmodel, you would just select back the correct page from the database, based on the language. I would set the language in the session, per user.

So if the language was Russian (in this example, “ru”)  you could modify the contentViewViewModel to do something like this :

string launguagePostFix = "_ru"; // Hardcoded for brevity
ThePage = context.ContentPages.Where(x => x.DisplayName == title + launguagePostFix).FirstOrDefault();
// Revert to default language if the language version doesn't exist
if (ThePage == null)
ThePage = context.ContentPages.Where(x => x.DisplayName == title).FirstOrDefault();

We’re using Edge on a few sites that have implemented multi-language support and we’d be happy to help anyone get setup. If you need consulting help, we do that, too.


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