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Edge HTML Short Cuts and Cheat Sheet

Edge HTML Short Cuts and Cheat Sheet

The photograph above shows in-line editing — you can edit right on your webpage with DirigoEdge if you have the edit in place feature turned-on. Alternatively, you could use the admin area to perform your edit.

Since Dirigo launched Edge, our content management system (CMS), clients love the freedom to add and change pages on their own but are often intimiated by the very idea of the Edge dashboard. Now we think we've made Edge's backend interface intuitive and easy to use ... but we can't anticipate all needs and users' comfort and skill levels.

Users may use the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for ease of use (it adds html code behind you) though you may want to peruse view Source (look for buttom in top right to look behind the curtain. This will be helpful if you want to link to an external site yet have the option when clicking on the external link to keep your site open in a different browser tab (see external link below).

If adding/editing content (in WYSIWYG or code edit/HTML editor, we recommend that you copy/paste content from word processor file into Notepad or other text editor to strip away any extranous code that word processor may add.

Some basic how-tos:

  • Basic link: Link text [HTML code: <a> href="url">Link text</a>]
  • External link: Link text [HTML code: <a> href="url" target="_blank">Link text</a>]
  • Phone link: 555-555-5555 [HTML code: < 555-555-5555</a>

A page title or H1 begins with (on the page, not setting/seo/meta): <h1> and ends with </h1>.

Page subtitles (H2s) begins with <h2> and ends with </h2>.

If you want to add a bulleted list

ordered list

start paragraphs with

end paragraphs with

other hints/frequently used html:
1. name/url -- be concise
2. page title/settings -- keep concise, then end with | [pipe above the back slash below the

backspace key] [your brand name]
3. seo/meta -- start w/verb, doesn't have to be complete sentence, try to get your brand name

    try to align #1-3
do NOT use symbols in name/url, page title/setting, or other seo/meta (only text/letters and

long dash (called an m-dash): &mdash;
&: &amp; (don't use & in name/url, page title or other seo/meta)
<em>enroll207</em> -- italicizes enroll207
use straight quotes (not curly quotes) -- need to replace quotes once you paste over copy
avoid using <br> and &nbsp; for spacing/page breaks -- if you are having issues, call Dirigo

for support
ONLY single space after periods -- browsers can handle and double spacing adds to page load


marketplace has many meanings and we don't want the search engines to 'figure' out what we



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