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Google Analytics Integration into DirigoEdge

Google Analytics Integration into DirigoEdge

A branch of DirigoEdge will soon have an analytics dashboard. This option is "Analytics" and is located directly under the "Dashboard" item. In this admin area, we are able to pull in Google Analytics data for unique visitors in a date range (and more soon to come.)

To make this work, we inform the user that they have not yet set up their analytics data credentials in our admin area. We link the user to Settings -> Google Analytics to enter their credentials for the API to begin pulling data into Edge. You will need your username, password, and the table from which to pull data. Don't worry if you don't know the exact table, yet. Here is an example of the admin area:

Edge Analytics Admin Credentials Area


Where do I find the Google Table?

For this information, go to the Query Explorer Tool and click the "Authorize Access" button. You may not see that button if you've been here before while logged into Google Analytics. 

Query Explorer Google Analytics

This web application needs your permission to access the Google Analytics data. Some of you may see a popup window asking you to log in to Google. Enter your credentials. The page will refresh showing your current Google Analytics profiles. 

Click the "Account" dropdown and choose the proper account. Select the proper "Web Property" and "Profile" as well. Once the profile is selected, data will populate in the lower part of this page. Right now we are handling one ID for an account. The "*ids" section should contain something like this: ga:xxxxxxxx. Copy that information because that is the table ID needed for the Edge Google Analytics settings.

Enter that information into the Edge settings and save. When you visit the Edge dashboard you will be greeted with a line chart showing unique visitors for a default date range. We will elaborate on that data in the future under the Analytics navigation item.

Edge Google Analytics Dashboard Example


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