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Unencrypting ASPDNSF Stored Procedures

Unencrypting ASPDNSF Stored Procedures

This is a short post. ASPDotNetStoreFront is a popular ecommerce package, one that Dirigo is intimate with. The code installs encrypted SQL stored procedures. If you're going to retool the shopping cart sytem or performance tune the database it helps to get behind this encrypted SQL.

Beginning in version, stored procedures in the database were encrypted for security and to prevent accidental modification (sorry ASPDNSF, that's pretty lame).

To unencrypt your ASPDotNetStoreFront SQL stored procedures do the following. You'll need the original databse create script. Open up the db/Create AspDotNetStorefront Database.sql file and replace all instances of 'WITH ENCRYPTION with a space or nothing. Then run the SQL on a new database. That will create the stored procedures without encryption so you can see what the heck they do. Then you can move these stored procedures into your live site if required.


If you need help with ASPDNSF, give Dirigo a ring. We manage some >$10MM/year ASPDNSF ecommerce sites.


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