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Accessing Rackspace Quarantine Manager with an e-mail alias

Accessing Rackspace Quarantine Manager with an e-mail alias

Everyday for the past five days I've been getting Rackspace.com Quarantine notifications on a new email alias. Grrrrr. If you're like me, you get too many emails, from too many email accounts, and have an alias or two to manage too.

So here's the how to gain access to your held emails in Rackspace's interface for aliases ... (the process is way over the top). It's what we have to do until Rackspace imprroves the experience.

  1. Log into your Rackspace account
  2. Click on Products on top navigation, then Email & Apps
  3. Click on Open Control Panel (in left nav)
  4. In Domains box, click on set preferences under Spam filtering
  5. Click on the domain
  6. Click on Individual MS Exchange Recipient (or individual Rackspace email mailbox if your account is a POP account)
  7. Click on the alias user link
  8. And finally inside of the spam filtering settings, click onto the Log into the Quarantine Manager (and there's the Quarantine Manager interface)
  9. And yes, you have to do this everytime for alias (or whitelist).

Note to Rackspace - this is NOT so fanatical.

6/26/2013 Update:

Lucian Spiridon, an IT Consultant at SynapseUK Ltd, suggested that we'd be better if we just switch off quarantine for aliases, distribution lists, contacts, etc. Obviously the SPAM will go through the alias but will get struck in the email box quarantine.  This is a great suggestion.  In our case above we neglected to turn off the default protections when we created the aliases and could not find our way to the quarantine manager.  Next time we create an alias we'll be sure to disable SPAM protection.


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