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Auto Responders with the Dirigo ESP

Auto Responders with the Dirigo ESP

Auto-responders play a vital role in e-mail marketing and delivering a great customer experience. Auto-responders send e-mails to your subscribers automatically. You can use auto-responders to send a welcome email, a renewal offer, an abandoned cart message, or simply a happy birthday message. You could even send an e-mail when someone clicks on a particular link (e.g. forward them a copy of your most recent newsletter).  Most all commercial bulk mail sending systems (ESP's) can facilitate auto-responders.  Our system does.

To learn more about our bulk e-mail and relay services, visit our ESP offerings page.

Within the Dirigo ESP, auto-responders are setup and managed under "Lists"

Where do I get reports for e-mail auto-responders?

Login to http://esp.dirigodev.com using your credentials.

  1. Click the Lists tab.
  2. Drill into a auto-responder list.  We typically flag lists with the word "Trigger" in the list name (e.g. Welcome New Customer Trigger).
  3. Once drilled into a specific list, click the "Auto Responders" link in the left-hand navigation.
  4. Here is where you'll find basic information on triggered e-mails as well as the admin screens to adjust the campaign(s).

Dirigo ESP Auto-Responder Report

Auto-responder Options:

You can trigger on the following:

Subscription: If this trigger is selected then when the subscription trigger happens [a subscriber subscribes from your website] the auto-responder will be sent. This means the auto responder will be sent to the new subscribers for that particular list.  This is the most common setting.

Link click: When an existing subscriber of the list clicks a link within an e-mail campaign body - then an auto responder will be sent to the subscriber.

Campaign Open: This trigger will fire an auto-responder when the subscriber opens an e-mail template.

Forward to a Friend: This trigger will fire an auto-responder when the subscriber clicks on the forward to friend link.  This will actually forward the e-mail to someone.

Date: This type of trigger is designed to act on date fields, such as subscription date, birth date etc.

You can setup the auto-responder to be sent based on a specified time frame.

  1. Immediately
  2. Seconds later
  3. Minutes later
  4. Hours later
  5. Days later
  6. Weeks later
  7. Months later

Within a single trigger (e.g. T+1 in the above graphic) you can adjust options, change the template, preview in a browser, and test your auto responder design by sending a preview e-mail.

Auto-Responder Settings

It is common for Dirigo to initially setup an auto-responder.  Once setup, some customers self-service and others continue to rely on Dirigo.  Always, we're here to help.


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