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Konvey Merge Codes


Konvey.com merge code examples:

  • HTML-Encoded Expression
  • Non-HTML-Encoded Expression
    {%% contact.mycustomhtmlfield %%}
  • Snippet Expression
    {% $Color %}
  • Inline Snippet Declaration
    <div konvey-snippet="Color">Blue</div>
  • Tracked (default) Anchor Tag with Client- and Server-Side Titles
    (if no server-side title exists, the client-side title is used server-side)
    <a href="http://konvey.com" title="Konvey" konvey-title="Konvey Home Page">Konvey</a>
  • Untracked Anchor Tag
    <a konvey-notrack="true" href="http://konvey.com">Konvey</a>
  • Anchor Tag with Placeholder URL for Pre-merge Display
    <a href="unmergedUrl" konvey-href="mergedUrl"></a>
  • Image Tag with Placeholder Src URL
    <img src="unmergedUrl" konvey-src="mergedUrl" />
  • Image Tag with Placeholder Srcset URL
    <img src="small.jpg" srcset="large.jpg 2000w" konvey-srcset="medium.jpg 1000w" />
  • HTML Tag with Placeholder CSS Style
    <div style="unmergedStyle" konvey-style="mergedStyle"></div>
  • HTML Tag with Repeater
    <div konvey-repeat="purchase in contact.purchases">{%purchase.amount%}</div>
  • Conditional Tag
    <div konvey-if="contact.contactid"></div>
  • Conditional Tag Referencing a Filter
    <div konvey-if="contact.filters.maineresidents"></div>
  • Switch Tag with Default Value
    <div konvey-switch="contact.state.toUpperCase()">
    <div konvey-switch-when="ME">Maine resident</div>
    <div konvey-switch-when="NH">New Hampshire resident</div>
    <div konvey-switch-default>U.S. resident</div>
  • Server-Side Script Declaration
    <script type="text/konvey-script">
    /* Server-side Javascript goes here */
  • CSS Stylesheet to be Inlined
    <style type="text/css" konvey-inline>
    .img-responsive { max-width: 100%;, height: auto; display: block; }


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