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Sending Test E-Mails from the Dirigo ESP

Sending Test E-Mails from the Dirigo ESP

A Quck Reference for Dirigo ESP Customers

If you've ever built an HTML e-mail you know that getting the template correct takes time and lots of testing.  This short primer walks users through the steps of sending test e-mails via the Dirigo Email Service Provider system.

First login to http://esp.dirigodev.com . Then follow the steps below.

  • Go to "Campaigns" (top navigation - tab)
  • Go to "Draft" (left navigation) - this assumes that you've already created a campaign.
  • Select "Edit Campaign Options" for the template that you are testing.
  • Click “Edit Campaign Email” button (center well).
  • Click “2 / Content” (lower center well).
  • In the TinyMCE editor click the HTML button and replace HTML template. Select all, then paste in the HTML from your clipboard.
  • Click “SAVE & NEXT”
  • Enter email addresses. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

Your preview or test e-mail has been sent.  It should arrive to your inbox within a minute or so.  If you are making HTML adjustments to a template, it would be most helpful to keep this window open until your template is perfect.  To send another test click "2 / Content" at the bottom of this page (center well) and pick-up at the appropriate step above.  Repeat testing until you get the desired result.


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