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Facebook: A Page or a Profile? Attach a Page to Your Profile?

Facebook: A Page or a Profile? Attach a Page to Your Profile?

First, let’s establish the difference between a Page and a Profile. Pages are for businesses, organizations, public figures, etc. You like others and they like you. An unlimited number of people and organizations can like your Page. Over 31 million people like Lady Gaga.

Profiles are for individual people and they are personal. You request friends, and they request you. You’re limited to the number of friends you have, up to 1,000 per list, and you are limited to 100 lists. You don’t want your business or organization to be limited on how many people can follow it. The more the merrier.

Up until recently, Facebook required you to have a Profile to set up a Page. You would log on to your Profile and from there set up the Page, assigning yourself as the administrator. To access the Page you would log on to your Profile and could switch back and forth. Anyone who visits or likes the Page can’t see that you are the Page Administrator. If you want transparency, you can designate yourself as a Page Owner and your information would then appear on the corresponding section of the Page. People would only be able to contact you if your privacy policy allows them to.

Now Facebook has given us the option of creating a Page without having a Profile. There is also the option of creating a Business Account and administering the Page through that account. Per Facebook rules, you can’t have both a Profile and a Business Account. That brings us to a delicate situation.

Should your Facebook Page be attached to your Facebook Profile, a Business Account if you don’t have a Profile, or should it stand alone? And the answer is… it depends.

Ask yourself a few questions. What entity in which you are setting up the Page? A public figure, an organization, or a business? If a business, is it small or a large? Are you the owner or are you acting as the community manager, administering the Page for the organization? Would the businesses’ Page benefit from being personalized, specifically by your voice and personality? If the Page should be personalized, should it be with yours or a professional with expertise writing to an online community?

Showing Page Owner. If you give a thumbs up to transparency, set up your Page through your Profile and show yourself as a Page Owner.

Community Manager. If you are acting as the administrator (whether employed by the business or a hired gun to engage the community), your identity may likely be like the Wizard behind the curtain. Know it’s kosher to have the Page attached to your Profile because of the aforementioned curtain (though take note below). We advise that you consider having more than one administrator for the Page, just in case you get hit by the proverbial bus (leaving the bus driver, left standing, to administer the Page). Social media must carry on, after all.

The take note part. There are times when a stand-alone Page could come in handy. You would still want a back-up administrator, because you just never know when that bus might come along. If you are a regular Facebook user and have multiple accounts (your personal Profile with an attached Page), a separate Page may be a good idea especially if you have ever inadvertently sent a communication (you couldn’t retract) in the voice of the business instead of your own… like posting on your BFF’s Wall about the wild party at her house last Friday. Ouch!

We’d love to hear your funny and serious Facebook stories sometime. You can comment here, post to our Facebook Page, e-mail me, or ring me the old fashioned way: 207-358-2990. Abracadabra!


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