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05/10/2013 The Place Buyers Come to Buy, Sell, and Research Their Next Vehicle

Among one of the best and most respected review sites for anything automotive is Visited by more than 11 million car shoppers each month, offers credible and plentiful information from consumers and experts to help buyers formulate opinions on what to buy, where to buy, and even how to sell your car online; it is for these reasons that it’s crucial that auto dealership monitor, review, and manage their online dealerships reputation on

No different than the previous review sites I have covered, the first step for your dealership to gain control of your stores reputation is to located your dealerships page and to familiarize yourself with the different features that make so successful. You will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Located on the homepage on the right side you should see a box with a header labeled “Find Dealers Near You.” Enter the information specific to your dealership and click “Find a dealer.”.
  3. Locate your dealership in the list located below the map that appears. If you do not see your dealership listed then you will need to complete the steps to create a page for your dealership by visiting and contacting a representative of
  4. Upon arriving on your page on, you will see two tabs labeled “Overview” and “Reviews.” Both tabs are fairly self-explanatory. Surf around your page, locate your reviews, and develop a sense of awareness and understanding of your dealership’s rating (up to five stars) and how your customers perceive their experience with your brand, including the. number of reviews, positive reviews, negative reviews, etc. The beauty of, unlike many of the other review sites, is that you are able to respond to a review as a dealer representative easily, without the need of creating and verifying an account. Simply click “Add Dealer Response” and complete the fields provided.

Now that you have an understanding of your page and the site itself, be sure that all the information relative to your site is accurate. Name, location, and contact information are among the most important and should be rectified immediately if anything is incorrect. If anything is inaccurate, contact by visiting . In addition, respond to all reviews that warrant a response, not only for negative reviews but also to thank to positive reviewers as well. This gives a chance for you to participate in the online community and show future customers that you care about the consumers’ opinions.

Monitoring your dealerships reputation takes time, effort, and expertise. Call us if you want help managing your dealership’s online reputation with our Auto Applause reputation management system or best wishes if you go the DIY route.


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