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Spice Up Screen Capture Footage with Element 3D After Effects Plugin


Using Element 3D to spice up Screen Capture Footage

The Problem

When video producers are required to shoot on-screen footage for software or websites the first thing they think is, "ugh screen flicker".  Screen flicker happens when the computer monitor refresh rate desynchronizes with the cameras shutter speed when filming.  A decision must be made; to accept the screen flicker, change your acquisition frame rate replace the screen in post production, or just use plain, flat screen capture

Regular Ole' Screen Capture - BORING


A Different Solution

While regular screen capture is fine for video tutorials, there are better solutions for promotional videos of digital products.  Element 3D, a 3rd party plugin for After Effects, provided a solution for filmmakers to exploit 3D modeling.  When I created the Overdrive Auto Solutions video I opted to use 3D models of tablets to better show our automotive CMS.  This allowed me complete control of what was shown on the screen, eliminating flicker, aliasing and dial in reflection as a stylistic choice - not an obstacle.  I used this feature to add some spice to our screen capture demonstration by embedding them onto 3D models of tablets, phones and computers.  Yes, it totally looks way cooler than flat screen capture, and yes "iDevices" are super trendy but there is an actual reason for displaying screen capture video this way. 

3D Objects + Screen Capture - Way More Awesome!

Screens inside screens -  so meta


By incorporating 3D models into screen capture we can add level of tangibility and a point of reference for the video footage.  By showing devices that most of us are familiar with we can more accurately portray what our products, and clients’ products look and feel like like when customers use them. 

For filmmakers like myself who are not 3D modelers, Element 3D allows us to bring a whole new dimension (literally) to our productions in a fast, cost effective way.  It allows us to use 3D cameras with complex movement, incorporate pre-rendered objects into live footage and generate 3D text for stylized logos.  We've just scratched the surface with these new capabilities; expect more to come, and check out our first example in the Overdrive Auto Solutions video.  






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