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Banner ads: Increase click-throughs with a well-thought-out call to action

Banner ads: Increase click-throughs with a well-thought-out call to action

Our task was simple: redesign our client's banner ads to increase its performance (and drive leads to fill an appointment book). Two banner ads targeted to different groups (young adults and seniors) placed on local page of a regional newspaper's website.

The media company supplied the first medium rectangle banner ad versions (we edited them multiple times), expecting that they would perform according to our goals. They did not so we revamped the banner ads, added animation, and showed two panels. Two panels gave us more real estate, added movement, and more opportunity to catch the users' eye (check out the blog post on visual weight )—and we kept branding and the call to action omnipresent. We chose crisp imagery of beautiful smiling faces and reworked the copy to be more direct and attention-grabbing. Our design is a cleaner look, giving information room to breathe, and allowing the reader to take-in the information. And based on preliminary data, our ad is outperforming goals too! 

Former Banner Ad


Redesigned Banner Ad


20,863 Impressions
7 click-throughs
0.03% CTR


20,751 Impressions
14 click-throughs
0.07% CTR



Former Banner Ad


Redesigned Banner Ad


21,185 Impressions
6 click-throughs
0.03% CTR


20,371 Impressions
11 click-throughs
0.05% CTR


Online advertising is way different than what it was back 1997 or even in 2000-2004 during the last economic downturn. Banner advertising during that period was a superior advertising method compared to other mediums. Times have changed. Banner ads don't convert great anymore due to "banner blindness". Fortunately, there is vast amounts of inventory for all to be had on the cheap. The key to success is to stay on top of where ads are being served and to switch-up creative often. A big part of the failure rate is people haven't learned how to convert the leads. Yes, banner ads still work great if you work it.

The average CPM rates for online advertising across most verticals continue to plummet. The Food and Real Estate verticals are the least expensive.  Health and Beauty is still on the low-end when compared with other verticals.  At Facebook you can get a sub-$1.00 CPM.  That's 1,000 impressions for a buck. It is still possible to bring-in new business at a sub-$10 cost-per-order (CPO) or in this case cost-per-patient (CPP).  Banners work great for local businesses.  We'll take a $10 CPP all day long, especially with a 33-60% patient retention rate.


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