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BingAds: Show Ads on Bing and Display Products or Services

BingAds: Show Ads on Bing and Display Products or Services

According to a recent comScore study , Microsoft has 18% search engine market share. Combined with Yahoo!, Bing owns nearly 30% of the market. Microsoft’s Bing has been steadily gaining market share with the most recent report showing growth of one-half percentage point. With Google consistently owning two-thirds of the market, it may not seem the highest priority to advertise on BingAds but we think so!

BingAds should be added to your digital marketing program, either concurrently or following a successful and sustainable Google AdWords account . There’s no question that when it comes to search engine marketing, Google AdWords should be and is the number one focus when trying to reach the most possible viewers, visitors, and eventually customers (unless your website analytics data shows otherwise).

However the question that many businesses are presented is: is it worth the time, effort, and expense to advertise on BingAds? In this post I will present the positives of Bing Ads has to offer (and the negatives too). I will leave the decision to you whether it’s good for your business to advertise on BingAds.

Beginning with AdWords gives you the opportunity to optimize and sustain the program; then you can simply import AdWords campaigns directly to Bing. Very few adjustments are usually needed but you will need to set geo-targeting settings. These do not automatically transfer. You must manually enter the locations in the settings of your campaigns before launching your campaigns. The BingAds interface is very similar to AdWords so no learning curve. BingAds has many of the same attributes, settings, and terminology as that of its rival which makes the move very easy.

What are some of the less than desirable aspects about BingAds? Simply put, there’s less traffic. Not necessarily a negative but certainly something to take into account especially since it is another interface to learn, another account to monitor, and it takes time to setup and monitor performance. In addition the BingAds interface is a less user friendly than AdWords. Although the usability is very similar, the Bing Ads interface displays only 20 rows of keywords, ads, and adgroups which can be a nuisance especially when you have a large amount of data to review (I don’t like taking the time to scan through all the pages!). One of the primary differentiating characteristics in BingAds is that it doesn’t contain remarketing. It’s surprising to me because the Bing content network is fairly decent.

With three-in-ten Internet users using Bing or Yahoo!, we promote BingAds as part of a digital strategy to our clients. Just this month, Microsoft announced plans to add BingAds and Smart Search to Windows 8.1 operating system that is to be released later this year. Microsoft’s Smart Search is being touted as blurring the lines between web, Windows operating system, and email searching. More to come on this feature and how it can help you reach your customers and potential customers!

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