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Google AdWords Editor: A Helpful Tool


My big question is how do you edit your Google AdWords and BingAds accounts? The traditional means of editing your AdWords/Ads account is through the AdWords/Ads dashboard. However, there is an alternative that can be especially useful when making bulk edits to your SEM account. Using the AdWords Editor is a must have, especially if you are to become a seasoned SEM specialist. The AdWords Editor is a free Google application for managing your paid search campaigns and can be utilized in a number of ways (and BingAds Editor is free, too, from Bing).

When you need to edit your campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, ad extensions, settings, geo targeting, etc., you can do so through the AdWords Editor. Most importantly, you don’t lose any functionality using the Editor to modify your campaigns (versus the AdWords dashboard). Your ability to effectively manage your campaigns and their respective attributes remain unchanged.

Where the Editors really become efficiency tools is when you make bulk changes to your account. Perhaps you need to change the display URLs uniformly across your entire account which consists of 100+ ads. It becomes pretty monotonous to make a change, one ad at a time. The Editors give you the flexibility to easily select the specific number of ads, whether all, or just a few, and edit them en masse. Changes can be made for budget changes, ad copy, setting or geo targeting changes; basically anything that you desire to edit wholesale. Copying and pasting ad groups, keywords, and ads are another common feature of the Editors that I consistently utilize. Instead of starting from scratch for every new ad group, you can copy an existing ad group and paste into another campaign, and then make edits as needed. Everything located under the article would carry over such as settings, keywords, ad extensions, etc. This is an easy way to simplify and streamline a process that if conducted in the AdWords (or Ads) dashboard, may become extremely time-consuming.

This functionality may also be extended from one account to another if you have similar accounts with similar products, you may also repurpose the material by copying and pasting information from one account to another and by doing so prevents you from having to start from scratch with a new client (and usually tight deadlines by decision makers who want paid search up immediately!). One thing that is worth mentioning: although the AdWords dashboard is just beginning to incorporate some of these features discussed above, the usability of these features in the AdWords Editor is still head and shoulders above its counterpart.

The most important feature of the Editors versus making edits in the AdWords (and Ads) dashboard is the ability to work offline and make edits to campaigns without directly affecting live SEM impressions. By editing your campaigns offline, you have complete control over when you want the edits go live. The ability to preset edits and alterations to your account can be extremely useful in situations where you want certain edits to take place on a future date. When the time comes to launch your edits, simply click “Post Changes” and voila! The changes are made.

Efficiency within tools, no matter what your profession is key for success. It is important to use what is available to you to accomplish your tasks to the best of your ability. In this case the Google AdWords Editor (and BingAds Editor) is available to you, free and all. Use it, play around with it, and figure out how it can help you with your next SEM campaigns.


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