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Visual geo tracking data with batchgeo

Visual geo tracking data with batchgeo

For many of our clients that are promoting in-house services, whether that is holistic medicinal practices or better banking solutions, although they may have a global presence on the internet their target audience is narrowed down by region. Many of our clients have in-house services they promote on the web, from holistic medical practices to better banking solutions. But even though the Internet gives them a global presence, their target audience is regional.

To assist our clients from a marketing stand-point we must have data to measure. We do this with geo-data collected through our web applications. Whether it is an information signup form or simply collecting data from visiting users, we can collect this data, measure the traffic by geo-location and make an informative analysis for marketing.

This is all well and good, but throwing numbers and figures is just not enough in my opinion. That is where BatchGeo comes in.


BatchGeo is a great online application that allows you to copy/paste, or load exported data from your database into a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface), and edit and validate your spreadsheet on the fly.

You can then generate a visual representation of your data. BatchGeo uses the Google Map API, an open source application program interface that is simple and customizable. You can copy the generated code, place it on a webpage, and remotely show a client how to use the basic map features, and export an image.

BatchGeo can also be used with Google Maps. Say you are a food critique blogging about your favorite local pubs, and you wanted to do more than just show your readers where the pubs were located on a map. By using BatchGeo you could color coordinate each location and create a color rating scale.

There are many ways BatchGeo can help you analyze and visualize data. Go for it!


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