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Why Google AdWords Ad Extensions Are a Must

Why Google AdWords Ad Extensions Are a Must

In case you didn’t know the Google AdWords ad extensions feature is an extremely important in driving the performance of a paid search strategy (PPC strategy). Ad extensions are additional info online users see next to or below an ad, that depending on the ad, will display extra information concerning your business or product. And at no extra cost! The different types of extensions include the following:

  • Location extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Social extensions
  • Product extensions
  • Seller ratings
  • Sitelink extensions
  • Automatic offer extensions

What do a Google Map, phone number, site links to strategic pages, product images, and +1 (via Google Plus page) have a in common? These are what your customers see in your PPC ad.

Let us tell you a little more. A popular extension that many advertisers use to accompany their PPC ad is location extensions. A location extension displays a map corresponding to where your business is located and allows for nearby consumers to find and visually see where your business is located. A call extension displays your businesses phone number for consumers to call or you can display a "Call" button that allows for the consumer to call with their Smartphone with one simple click. A sitelink extension displays up to four website links, at one time, for the consumer to find relevant content on your site. Some examples of sitelinks you might want to include: business hours, directions,  a contact form, or your site’s product inventory. It is all about making it easy and convenient for your  prospective customers to find what they are looking on your PPC ad so they act: calling you, emailing you, or coming to your location to do business with your organization. 

Perhaps you have a product that you would like to readily list and sell online—product extensions are the way to go. Product ads come in two formats:

  1. Add specific product information to your AdWords text ads
  2. A standalone ad format that displays an image of your product next to Adwords ads on the Google search network. This lets the consumer know exactly what you are offering without them needing to click your ad to view your product. To provide viewers of your ad the ease of mind that you are a reputable seller, you could also include social extensions which display past customers who have recommended or+1’d you as a seller.

Some of the ad extensions provided by AdWords can only be displayed if Google determines that it is fit for your ad. Automatic offer extensions and seller ratings are placed on your ad only if your ad meets Google AdWords criteria. The criteria includes: your campaign must be opted into the Google Search Network, target desktop computers, appear in one of the top spots located in Google search results, and the special offer must be advertised on your site.

Ad extensions take little time and are extremely important in driving consumers to your ad, your site, and your business—and Google doesn’t charge anything extra so take advantage. They are extra nibbles at the apple (eg your paid ad) for consumers to click/arrive on your site. What you do with those clicks and visitors to your site is another issue entirely. At that point, the sales funnel must be robust to get to the holy grail: conversion but that’s for another post.


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