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Combining multiple RSS feeds using Yahoo! Pipes

Combining multiple RSS feeds using Yahoo! Pipes

Back in the day when mashups were all the rage Yahoo! rolled out a really slick aggregator service called Yahoo! Pipes. Pipes features a drag and drop interface that allows technically inclined people to build a single output stream from multple inputs. Pipes also supports regular expressions and most common programmatic operators. So not only can you input and output data from multiple sources, you can also manipulate, filter, and sort the data.

To the right (click for larger image) is a screenshot of a recent pipe that I constructed. You can see that I have three "Fetch Feed" objects. These pull data from three different Delicious feeds. They are then joined by the Union operator, and sorted by Sort object. In Sort object you will see that the attribute item.pubDate is selected-in that drop down there are many pre-populated fields for you to sort data on. Finally we have our pipe output object.

Pipe output is visible to the world via the address provided by Yahoo! The pipe I created for this post is visible at:

In closing, Yahoo! Pipes provides the ability to very quickly mash up feeds from different sources. Even if you are not a technology professional it can be fun to play with the pipes interface. Also, if you are just learning code Pipes can be a fun way to experiment.


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