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Victoria Kuhn
by Victoria Kuhn
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Are blogs still relevant to your social media

Are blogs still relevant to your social media

A recent New York Times article said that blogs are beginning to lose their appeal with teenagers. Blogs started out as the place to go to express yourself. However, as Twitter and Facebook took off, teenagers flocked to those sites in droves, leaving blogs behind. And young bloggers followed their readers. But does that mean blogging is no longer a relevant component of your social media campaign? Absolutely not. Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter are complimentary tools, moving readers from one to the next.

Here at Dirigo Design & Development we often use a multi-pronged approach when crafting our clients' social media campaigns and blogging plays an important role. Often the point of differentiation among competitors is customer service. Today's customers consider social interaction a central element to that service. They want to feel engaged in a conversation with you (and your brand). They want to know that you are listening to what they have to say and are using their feedback to make improvements in what you are offering them. Blogging is the perfect platform for that engagement. When writing your blog it is important to use a social tone. And even though you are using a blog to sell what you have to offer, you don't want to be to sales-y. What's that about? When people read your blog they don't want to read one sales pitch after another. That is not a conversation. They want you to give them useful tidbits of information that may benefit them, without any sales strings attached. They want you to check in with them, ask them how they weathered the last storm or celebrated the latest holiday. If you are giving them useful tips, complete your blog by asking them to share any tips they might have on the topic. A blog allows your readers (ala potential as well as existing customers) to see you as a person who cares about them, not as a business or organization out to promote themselves and make money.

A wonderful benefit of all this blogging is that it gives you organic juice on the Web (provided that your blog is intergrated with your Web presence), which means more people will find you online. After all, you're reading this aren't you?


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