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Create engaging social media content

Create engaging social media content

Engaging content is the ultimate goal for social media. Now you may be asking: “Isn’t driving users to your business the ultimate goal?” No, not really. For social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, the goal is to include and engage your community in holidays (and faux holidays too), news events, fun and zany pictures and videos of staff, and relevant statistics/information about your business—BUT don’t sell. Did you read correctly? DON’T sell in social channels.

You want to become a friend of your customers. Share photos, like statuses, share relevant articles … share, share, share. Ask, ask, ask. Respond, respond, respond. Keep at it and when your friends, fans, and customers are searching or wanting what you offer, they won’t even think twice before coming to you to buy it.

The big question is; what is the best way to engage your fans? has recently conducted reports showing that photos are responsible for 85% of most engaging posts on Facebook, links are responsible for 7% of most engaging posts, status makeup for 5%, and video is 3%*. This is really common sense since, in general, we humans are very visual and relate much better to photos (than we do to boring status updates or even worse—we might actually have to read an entire informative article).

However since social media is a means of creating relationships with your customers, pictures of cute kittens and other silly photos of barnyard animals isn’t the most effective engagement. This, too, is common sense but why do social media companies insist on posting these images to their clients’ walls and pages?

Posting photos relevant to your business such as your employees help to cultivate the community and create more meaningful dialogue than a kitten wearing a Santa hat. Don’t fall victim of getting likes for the sake of getting likes (the quantity game). Focusing on quality earns trust, respect, and thought leadership within your social community. Suddenly marketing your business happens without even trying.



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