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Using Facebook Multi-Product Ads: Work Around for Headline Bug

Using Facebook Multi-Product Ads: Work Around for Headline Bug

Let's Get Down to Business

Okay, if you came across this blog in a hurry because you can't submit a Multi-Product Ad on Facebook and are getting an inaccurate error message that your ad headline is too long, I won't beat around the bush. Here's the workaround:

  1. Click on your ad in the Ads Manager, then click the Create Similar Ad button.
  2. Scroll to Step 3 of the ad creation process, where it says “How do you want your ad to look?”
  3. Switch from “Multiple images in one ad” to “a single image in your ads.
  4. Once you switch the type of ad, you’ll see that the box where you set your Headline is in the red because it has too many characters. Delete EVERYTHING, and don’t panic, your multi-product ad is still intact.
  5. Finally, switch your ad type back to “Multiple Images in One Ad.” You’ll see that nothing has changed with your multi-product ad; it should still look just like the original, but now you’ll be able to place your order.

A Little Background...

If you’re like me, you’ve set up a Facebook ad and wished hundreds and hundreds of times that you could feature more within the ad. What do I mean by “more?” I’m talking the juicy stuff, the content that tells the viewer they’ve found what they need.

Well my social media marketing prayers were answered just the other day when I really dug into Facebook’s new Multi-Product Ad option. The Multi-Product Ad allows you to not only feature multiple images, but also multiple calls to action and descriptions, all rolled up into one, pretty little package.

Before the Multi-Product ad, if I wanted to use multiple images or CTAs, they all had to separate ads. I could group them within the same ad set and campaign – but who really wants to rename, manage, and waste ad spend on say, four ads, when what I really want is one? Granted, separate ads can still be useful for ads that are similar, especially if you’re A/B testing, but for this particular situation, I had other plans in mind.

The client that I was creating the ad for is in the pet sitting industry, and I’m recruiting pet sitters. Right out of the gate, there are hurdles to jump over with any business that requires meeting a stranger, and trusting them with something you care about. Why should someone become a pet sitter? What’s in it for them? Is it safe? The list goes on, and these are all concerns that someone who is viewing my ad wants to have a general understanding about before they click and sign up. Thankfully, with a Multi-Product Ad, I can answer of these questions and display them together, in one place, for the viewer.

Remember at the beginning, when I compared a Multi-Product Ad to a pretty little package? Well, my experience setting up the ad was very similar to receiving a disappointing gift: all frills and bows on the outside, with a disappointing surprise on the inside.

There I was, humming a little tune as I added four “products” (in this case, perks of being a pet sitter) all with individual calls to action that were a-purr-opriately clever without being too pushy, and images were hug-me adorable without being tacky. I gave everything a onceover, then just to be safe, a twiceover and then submitted my ad. A few minutes later, I received an email saying my ad was approved. Great! I thought I was on my way.

The next day, I got another email, saying my ad was disapproved because one of the images I chose had text that took up more than 20% of the image. While this is one of my pet peeves with Facebook (I just wanted to feature my client’s logo!), it’s not a big deal to choose another image. I opened up the ad, swapped out the image, and hit save. To my surprise, Facebook told me via error message that I couldn’t submit the ad because one of my headlines exceeded the 25 character limit. But where?! I spent the next 15 minutes checking, then rechecking my headlines to no avail.

I’m one of those people that are driven crazy when I can’t figure out something that should be right in front of me. Frustrated, annoyed, and just a little crazy, I got on the phone with Facebook. The rep then told me that the problem I was having is a known error, and explained the workaround, which I shared with you at the beginning of this post .

Yes, this is kind of a hassle, but Facebook has insured me that their technical team is working on resolving the issue once and for all. Until then, I’m just happy I don’t have to refrain from using Multi-Product ads in the meantime, and you don’t either.


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