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How To Increase User Engagement On Facebook (And Decrease Time Writing Posts)

How To Increase User Engagement On Facebook (And Decrease Time Writing Posts)

Managing Facebook is like mining. What are you mining for? Social media gold. That is, effective, engaging posts that help you achieve your business goals. But before you get down and dirty trying to find out what types of content are the most successful, let’s take a minute to talk about a simple, yet powerful tool that should be included in everyone’s social media toolbox: imagery.

Swap Paragraphs With Pictures

When it comes to engagement in the social media world, pictures really are worth one thousand words. They give you a unique opportunity to show a side of your company that people may not have the pleasure of seeing, all the while strengthening your rapport and building your brand.

If that isn’t convincing enough, users love pictures. In fact, recently conducted reports showing that photos are responsible for 85% of most engaging posts on Facebook, links are responsible for 7% of most engaging posts, status makeup for 5%, and video is 3%.

User Engagement Graph

Go Where No Facebook Post Has Gone Before

In a world of constantly changing trends and technology, there is no magic formula for creating successful Facebook posts. Posting pictures won’t make you a star overnight–it’s going to take time, experimentation, and guts. When choosing images to post, don’t be afraid to be bold if it aligns with your business principles. Being a little risqué helps you to stand out from your competition–and, if you aren’t a literary connoisseur, images can also give you a bit of literary relief, too.

So, next time you get behind the keyboard to post to Facebook, try an image instead of a paragraph–you might be amazed at the results!

And if you need a helpful hand or would like to discuss these options in greater detail please feel free to contact the Dirigo Content Marketing Team. We’d be more than happy to help.


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