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Internet Slang: Popular Texting Abbreviations & Acronyms

Internet Slang: Popular Texting Abbreviations & Acronyms

What is Internet Slang? What are popular texting abbreviations or Internet acronyms? Stay tuned ...

Let's begin with the familiar: “u” meaning “you,” or “ur” for “your” or “you’re.” There’s “gr8” for great and “4” for “for” or the obvious, “four.” Where are applicants sharing this slang or shorthand?

Texting, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter private messaging, web-based live chat, email … millions of messages are shared between parties every day. When we post jobs, we encourage applicants to communicate with us via email, texting, private messaging … really in whatever manner they want to send us smoke signals. With this flexibility, come conversation threads, documents, and interactions that contain slang.

So ... why am I writing this blog post? Well, I've been employed at companies and now I work as a vendor-partner with companies don't allow staff to navigate the Internet or limit access to the Internet. Boo, hiss! We're going to rip off the band-aid (you'll have full access to the Internet while at the Samoset, at least in my session) and explore! Next week, May 6, 2015, I'm proudly presenting at the Maine HR Convention on the topic of social media and recruiting: trends affecting business and human resources. If you're at the Samoset, join me at this early bird session. 

Internet slang can take on many connotations, from simple shorthand to sarcasm or even imitation. One good imitation example is a meme. While memes won’t be broadly discussed here, a meme is generally humorous, highly visual [like a video or image] imitation that contains accompanying text that rapidly travels online. Memes are best saved for personal interactions or in settings when one’s job acquisition or security is not on the line.

A little context at Dirigo: We are a technology company employing people whose average age is about a decade less than the average age in Maine. Still, we have expectations that candidates can gauge the type of communication (eg applying for a job), the communication type (eg texting or email), and then clearly communicate, both verbally and in written form to us.

Perhaps you have encountered abbreviations or acronyms while reviewing applications. There is so much slang (and probably so many applications too), it’s ubiquitous (we look past some, depending upon the job description). What does it mean if you see all caps or all lowercase or some of each? There is some consensus that ALL CAPS means that the person doing the capping is screaming; otherwise, it’s personal preference of the author.

As part of writing this post, I conducted a little experiment in the office. I asked everyone for a couple abbreviations or acronyms they use. I was surprised by the number of the people who say don’t use slang or shorthand (more than half). They say they start sentences with a capital letter, strive to use good grammar, and end sentences with punctuation. Well, okay, that’s why we have an amazing crew at Dirigo!

Those that do (or admit they do), use the following slang or shorthand in no order:


LOL Laugh out loud
KMK Let me know
IDK I don't know
OMG Oh my God
BTW By the way
JK Just kidding
IMO In my opinion
IMHO In my humble opinion
TIA Thanks in advance
OMW On my way
AKA Also known as

I hand selected a short list of other slang, items that may have some relevance to screening and interacting with applicants:

HTH Hope this helps
NNTR No need to reply
POC Point of contact
POV Point of view
BTW By the way
JK Just kidding
IMO In my opinion
IMHO In my humble opinion
TIA Thanks in advance
OMW On my way
AKA Also known as
ACK Acknowledgment
EOM End of message
EOT End of text
KMN Kill me now
NP No problem
NVM Never mind
OTP On the phone
SLAP Sounds like a plan
WB Welcome back

Below are a few other resources:

Urban Dictionary:

Know Your Meme:

Google: (obvious I know) or your favorite browser; use your imagination to search

Let me know what you think. Send me your smoke signal in whatever way is easiest for you.


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