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Marketing with Pinterest

Marketing with Pinterest

Everyone is on Pinterest, right? Everyone loves Pinterest, right? Almost everyone, perhaps not brand managers. It’s one more vertical channel to maintain. No one can argue with Pinterest’s best ranking of all social channels when it comes to trust and trust is a critical driver to users becoming purchasers.

The interest in Pinterest is fanatical, with more than four million visitors per day. And the pace isn’t expected to slow down.

So, what about brands using Pinterest and how do you run a brand pin board?

It’s simple, really, to market on Pinterest as long as you change your previous strategies on how to sell and reach your audience. So really it’s not simple at all. We know it and empathize with the brand manager or marketing director who is tasked with getting the brand in front of eyeballs and selling sku's.

What should you do? What should you avoid? Let’s talk about community engagement, social selling, and the basics of brand pin boards.

First, there’s the board. It should contain your brand’s basic info and share what your organization is about just like your website. It should represent your brand and show your customers and prospects what makes your brand unique. Allow users to see what you have to offer them not just as a faceless brand, show your personality...

Second, pinning and repinning. A pin is a picture or image uploaded to a Pinterest account. Repining is when a user shares a pin on his/her own board. It’s similar to a Like or Share in Facebook.

Third, shh, a secret. Consumers want to buy from you; they just don’t want a hard sell. Customize your brand’s content for your Pinterest account. Develop multiple boards or just one that is stylized to feel and look interesting for users to repin.

Back to selling. Posting a sale, edit your photos to highlight that with a banner. Running a contest, keep it simple.

Generally speaking, though every brand and social channel is different, a brand can oftentimes post one sales-related pin for every four posts. Something like royalty-free content, beautiful content, humorous content, topical content, then a brand post. Again as a general rule, a brand can repin at the same ratio as pinning.


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