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Tweet Deck software review standalone Twitter client

Tweet Deck software review standalone Twitter client

Most likely you have heard of Twitter, but may not be sure what it is. The technical description is a micro-blogging platform. Each micro-blog limits you to 140 characters. I prefer to think of this as a modern wire service, or a public Instant Messaging (IM) platform. One of the drawbacks I feel is the ability to constantly monitor and respond quickly to Tweets. This is espeically important when you are running a business oriented Twitter account.

So recently I decided to install Tweet Deck, it was originally launched in mid 2008 so by today's standards it is older software. However after using it for a week I highly recommend trying it out if you are involved with Twitter. Many of our clients at Dirigo are tweeting multiple times on a daily basis so it has been great to be able to observe and participate in their social media campaigns.

My official opinion, Tweet Deck is an oldie but a goodie, and worth trying out.

A nice UI usage for this app will be the iPad, currently you can download and read more about Tweet Deck on their website.


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