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Victoria Kuhn
by Victoria Kuhn
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How to get a Google Plus vanity URL

How to get a Google Plus vanity URL

Don't hold your breath.  Google is only inviting big brands like Nike, Coke and TD Bank personalized URLs for Google Plus. I’m hearing lots of crickets so I decided to take action: no more waiting. There is an easy way to get a customized URL.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter nickname (or your brand name)
  3. Copy Google ID from browser line of your Google+ account
  4. Click on add button

Now you'll no longer need to copy that ridiculously long string of numbers. Just send your shortened string to your friends and colleagues. Dirigo’s Local page is Voila, it redirects to our Google+ Local page. Try it out! And maybe leave something nice (how about a positive review, especially if you’ve got something great to say about Dirigo).



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