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Using a consistent style for your web content

Using a consistent style for your web content

Just as people have their own personal style, your website content should have a style too. At Dirigo we’ve developed a style based on The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition and use it for our web content, as well as for the content we author for some of our clients. There are many rules when it comes to writing, including how to write a person’s professional title, when to capitalize and when not to, when to use a hyphen instead of an em dash, how to write the possessive form of a singular subject versus a plural subject, when to write out a number and when to use digits. And then there are all of those grammar rules. You would think the majority of this would be simple, common sense. But do you know which punctuation marks are included inside of the closing quotation and which ones are not?

The Chicago Manual of Style is 956 pages of valuable information. We doubt you will need all of it. We certainly don’t, which is why we developed our own Dirigo Design & Development Style Guide based on Chicago. Instead of our writers slogging through all of that information and interpreting it individually, we have assigned the task to one person. And that would be me. I'm responsible for editing our content for style, researching all questions, and compiling the rules we use into one document complete with a table of contents. It is a work in progress. I'm always adding to it, and each time I do I e-mail it to our content writers. It is a quick and easy guide that enables us to add the polish of consistency to our work. We could work with your organization to add that same polish to your work.

Strong web copy artfully illustrates the value of your porduct or proposition and compels your audience. The benefits of excellent web copy are major and include:

  • Establishes your authority and expertise in your organization's field
  • Builds trust
  • Increases your online visibility
  • Retains your audience
  • Increases your Return on Investment (ROI)

Web content with style. Who would have thought? Look out Vogue.


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