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Lighting Diagrams and Shot Design - The Cosmetic Test (3 of 3)

Lighting Diagrams and Shot Design - The Cosmetic Test (3 of 3)

The Cosmetic Test (Diagram 3 of 3)

This is part three of three of a lighting and camera setup blog for a series of short videos Dirigo Design & Development produced. For part two click here , for part one click here . .

Watch the final product!

Lemonade Stand Diagram

Legend: Lights are numbered and Cameras are Colored for reference in text. Frank is indicated by a blue head. Click on the image link to pull the diagram into a new window to look at the images side by side.

Roommate Stairs

Camera Green:

Frank prepares himself to the cosmetic test that's about to ensue. Frank's key light, #1, was comprised of two Ikan IFB576 's shot through 1 full stop of diffusion at full power.  Light #2 was comprised of two Ikan ib1000 led's bounced off the ceiling.  This acted as an ambiance throughout the room.  Fixture #3 was negative fill, balancing out our female extra's lighting contrast on the right side of her face.  Fixture #4 was another Ikan IFB576 ' that was shot down the hallway as a background light. Shot on the GH4 , Nikon mount Metabones Speedbooster and Sigma 18-35 .

​Camera Pink:

Frank CU

The female extra is about to see Frank come out after he's tried the lip balm. This scene was shot with the same lighting scheme as the rest of the waiting room shots. We moved the extra's negative fill in a little closer to give contrast to the slight rim light on the edge of her face that was created by light #1.  



Camera Blue:

Roommate Chicken

The Clinician instructs Frank what to do if something should happen to him. The Clinician's office was primarily light by soft window light, marked by light #5. This gave a nice soft facial contrast for both Frank and the Clinician. We were able to hide an Ikan IBF576 in the very corner of the room, #6, to give a hair light to the Clinician.  This angle was done with our B camera, GH4 with a  Canon 24-70 at F 2.8, 70mm, with the Canon mount Metabones Speedbooster .

Roommate Stairs

Camera Red:

Frank wearily responds to the Clinician. The reverse shot in the Clinician's office was shot simultaneously to the shot on camera blue. Light #6 gave a little bit of fill light to Frank and light #4 added some background light by illuminating the white door behind frank.

Like the blog series? Like the work? Have a question? Give us a shout!  Or check out our video services page This project was truly a blast to work on, there were a lot of challenges to overcome, especially within an eight hour time frame for principal photography. The cast and crew did a great job on the video series which allowed us to take the time necessary to push the envelope further than we expected going into the shoot.


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