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Lighting Diagrams and Shot Design - The Roommate (1 of 3)

Lighting Diagrams and Shot Design - The Roommate (1 of 3)

The Awkward Roommate (Diagram 1 of 3)

This is part one of three of a lighting and camera setup blog for a series of short videos Dirigo Design & Development produced. For part two click here , for part three click here .

Watch the final video!

Awkward Roommate Diagram

Legend: Lights are numbered and cameras are colored for reference in text. Frank is indicated by a blue head. Click on the image link to pull the diagram into a new window to look at the images side by side.

Roommate Stairs

Camera Red:

Frank walks up the stairs while the camera pulls back. We used the Panasonic GH4 loaded with the Sigma 12-24 lens at 12mm with the Canon mount Metabones Speedbooster . The camera was rigged to a DJI Ronin , allowing for the smooth motion shown in the video. We wanted to show slight parallax in the railing as well as backward movement to create a sense of the small scale of the room, the DJI Ronin allowed for that. Light #1, a Ikan IFD576 with no diffusion was shot at full power at a 45 degree angle down the stairs giving a hard light on the railing and a single point light source on Frank's face. The white walls in the room allowed the single light source to bounce around and add in fill light for detail retention.

​Camera Blue:

Frank CU

Frank calls out to his roommate, after he reaches the top of the stairs. We used the same camera setup for continuity. Another non-diffused Ikan IFD576 daylight balanced light is shot through the room onto Frank's left side of his face, indicated as light #2. The light was set to %50 brightness.The camera continues backwards as Frank makes his way to the kitchen.

Camera Green:

Roommate Chicken

As we transition from the living room to the kitchen the color grade changes to a non-tinted profile. Above we see the awkward roommate stuffing the chicken with a sock puppet. The kitchen was challenging to light because we see almost all of it during the establishing shot with the DJI Ronin . The roommate is light by three sources, the overhead practical marked by #5, and two Ikan Ikan IFD576 lights with full CTO gel, non diffused. We changed lenses to use a Canon 24-70 at 50mm and F 2.8 to give the proper compression ratio and keep the depth of field shallow.

Camera Pink:

Below, the awkward roommate throws a sack of money at Frank. Using the same lighting setup, the reverse shot utilizes a harder rim light on frank's hair to give a greater level of separation than on the roommate's hair. The reverse was shot using the Sigma 18-35 F1.8 at 35mm and at F1.8. We needed to use a shallow depth of field to separate frank from the background since he was close to the wall. We ran two cameras during most of the dialogue sequence between the two actors. We chose to use the practical to illuminate most of the scene and the Ikan LED lights to add contrast

Roommate Frank

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