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DirigoEdge Short Codes

DirigoEdge Short Codes

Dirigo Edge now has the ability to include Modules inside of Pages by using “Short Codes.”

For example, say you create a new “Contact” page and a “Contact Form” module in the admin. In the page that you just created, you can now include that module like this:

<p>Feel free to contact us below!</p>

[Contact Form]


Just include the module name inside of brackets. Don't worry about using brackets elsewhere, that's okay. The "Short Code" will only execute if an exact match is found.

This should prove useful as now we can reuse modules throughout pages without having to use a new page template. You can also use these "Short Codes" for small snippets of text, such as a phone number, calls-to-action, or other piece of information that you only want to have to update in one place.

This new feature will be pushed to the Edge repo on 08/08/2013.


Thank you for contacting us!

We'll be in touch!

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