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Editing More than 200 Rows in SQL Server 2012: Quick Fix

Editing More than 200 Rows in SQL Server 2012: Quick Fix

I needed to increase the default number of rows to edit in SQL Server 2012. And using SQL is intimidating to me, because I'm an infrequent user* of Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

The default to open/add rows to a table is Edit Top 200 Rows. If you have more than 200 rows, like me now, then you need to change the default setting. Here's what I did to change the edit default to 300:

  • Go to Tools in top nav
  • Select options, then SQL Service Object Explorer (on left)
  • On right side of panel, click into the field that contains 200 and change to 300 (or whatever number you wish)
  • Click OK and voila, you're all set!

Some background: while Dirigo has eight hard-core software developers and they tolerate my questions about SQL, each of them is super busy playing in the SQL deep-end. I'm a marketer and strategist at heart* and SQL is like working with a cold and one hand tied behind my back. I haven't written any programming code or managed large chunks of data since Fortran (in college since the 80s). Anyway, hope this how-to helps!



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