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Free Software for 2010

Free Software for 2010

I was perusing the internet today during my lunch and found a recent post on pcmag.com titled "The Best Free Software of 2010". This is a multi page review of over a hundred pieces of free software that are all free, or have free versions. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was familiar with quite a few of the items listed. Also it was nice to discover a few new gems I would like to share with you.

TrueCryp (Security / Encryption) - If you do not have Windows 7 Ultimate, you may be missing out on recommended security features such as BitLocker. Encryption can be your last line of defense if your system is penetrated by malware. TrueCrypt features include creating a virtual encrypted drive, encrypting a whole drive or a partition, and also encrypting a Windows drive requiring pre-boot authentication.

Disk Space Fan (System Utilities) - You may be familiar with WinDirStat, the system utility that allows you to find out where all of your disk space is allocated. Disk Space Fan does the same thing but with a much prettier interface. Although the WinDirStat interface is a little outdated, you should try this one before you buy it (eg upgrade and discontinue use of WinDirStat).

Inbox2 (Email) - Inbox2 is a program that combines email with social networking. The idea is that you have a centralized location to communicate with people. No longer will you have to login to multiple accounts on different sites, Inbox2 will manage these associations for you and allow you to communicate with people on these services.

CamStudio (Video) - CamStudio is a free screen capture program. Not as user friendly as it's counterpart Camtasia Studio, however CamStudio get's the job done at less than a fraction of the price ($0.00).

Honorable Mention - PC Decrapifier- When a power user like myself usually buys a new computer, we erase everything and install a fresh OS copy before even starting the computer once. However if you purchase a new computer without installing your own OS you may find that there is lots of pre-installed software on the system. PC Decrapifier removes "shovel-ware" installed by the OEM manufacturer.

Thanks for reading, also there are many other great programs to check out on full article. With the exception of CamStudio, the software reviewed here was all new to me. Also feel free to drop a comment or two if you want to make software suggestions.


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