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iOS development kit update 42 midi support

iOS development kit update 42 midi support

While many users find it to be an annoyance to update an iApp, device, or program, updating is essential to get the full benefit of your device. This holds true, especially with iPhones or iPads, because of the software developer program and curious minds trying to make better things with the new features. I came across a framework I had never noticed before. It is called the CoreMIDI.Framework and was just updated, and is included in the iOS SDK with the 4.2 release.

This framework provides an application programming interface (API) for receiving and sending Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) data. It holds data (pitch, intensity, volume, and more) that can transfer between computers and other devices. Musicians often use MIDI instruments for recording, practicing, and even live performance.

At first glance the new framework really didn’t seem very interesting, as iPhone Apps using MIDI input and output have been around for a few years. With the new CoreMIDI framework it will become easier to implement, which in turn will make applications implementing MIDI data more popular. Not only does this framework allow the user to plug a MIDI controller, MIDI keyboard or other MIDI instrument into their device for input and output, it also allows for Wi-Fi connectivity.

When searching for an example demonstration application, I found a YouTube video advertising a product that is being released in early 2011 that connects multiple iOS devices to MIDI devices. This video shows just one interesting way CoreMIDI can be used to develop interesting applications.

Beyond music applications, CoreMIDI has many uses, including Luminair for iPad. It uses the CoreMIDI framework to allow the iPad to become a multi-touch platform for lighting designers. The following video will show how it works:

The possibilities using this framework are endless and because of this new framework the number of music and MIDI driven apps will likely explode in the next few months.


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