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OEMPro Admin Password Reset


In some cases the upgrade from OEMPro 4.5.3 to 4.6.4 messes up the passwords because starting from 4.5.4 a new password method and has a salt associated with the MD5 hash.

On some installations it just doesn't upgrade or update the database with the new password mechanism resulting into a dead administrator and user passwords.  The admin password issue is not discussed anywhere online.  This issue cost us about 5 hours.  After we had hacked a solution to recover our password discussed at the end of this post, support sent us these instructions.

In order to reset the password go to phpmyadmin and use the following steps:

(1) go to /oempro/data/config.inc.php - find out the variable called OEMPRO_PASSWORD_SALT
(2) copy the salt which is defined in your config.inc.php
(4) make sure that you do not use the plus sign which is in-between the above string
(5) go to the phpmyadmin and open the table called oempro_admins
(6) edit the admin user and under the password select the md5 function and paste this new string above
(7) save the database
(8) now you can use the new password you specified in step 3

In our situation the reset password function did not work after upgrading the software and support was closed.  The password reset emails would not send via PowerMTA.  To capture the reset passwords we needed to write all email to disk and then open the text files.  The first email has a reset password link.  The second password will contain the new password.

Had we know about the eight steps above, life would have been a bit less stressful.



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