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PageLines is More Hype than Revolution

PageLines is More Hype than Revolution

A revolution in web design — the world's first Design Management System (DMS) arrives July 24, 2013. That's a big promise!

We took the PageLines Beta platform out for a test drive today.  PagesLines is a drag and drop website authoring theme. The new beta system shown in the video (http://www.pagelines.com/DMS/) is actually not nearly as good as the video and marketing makes it look. It’s actually quite confusing.  Still, this is rock solid example of the type of technology that we're going to see shortly in website design. The tipping point will be here by 2014-15.

The biggest constraint is that they're using Wordpress as a foundation. That means in order to use PageLines you have to go through Wordpress’s plugin workflow instead of a native, application-specific workflow. Creating a new page/template involves going to Plugins->PageLines-> Drag and Drop, and then you’re supposed to create a new base template and then build off of that. It’s actually quite confusing in practice. If they had built a standalone product with a dedicated/integrated interface they would have a much more intuitive system.

The marketing is great. They're generally on the right track as far as how they envision the web building paradigm shift. Skip to 0:30 if you want to see the actual tool in action – the rest is mostly iProduct-esque marketing.

Keep an eye on this Framework. This group is going to get big. This sort of development is on Dirigo's radar as we continue to build our own authoring platforms.



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