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Top 10 iPad Apps for Web Developers

Top 10 iPad Apps for Web Developers

Last week I put together a list of the Top 10 iPad Apps for Designers focusing on the artistic must-haves for the creative types. While there is some overlap, this week I compiled the list specifically for the web development crowd.

iThoughtsHD by CMS ($9.99) First step, mind map. There are a lot of mindmapping apps out there. Omnigraph probably makes the best one but at $50 I will just skip right over it. So, bust out your thoughts, brainstorm, plan your project and sketch your site before you do anything else. Everyone else on your team Omni converts? No problem, because you can import and export to and from the most poplar desktop applications and save yourself $40.

WebShot by Mario Micklisch ($0.99) This is an insanely simple app with one function: it takes screenshots of Web pages and saves them to your photo album. It is not like the two-button iOS screenshot feature, it takes a screenshot of the entire Web site, all of it below the fold.









iMockups by Endloop Systems Inc. ($6.99) Covered already in the Top 10 iPad Apps for Designers, so I won’t go into great detail but this is a great wireframing app. So get the navigation just right before spending a lot of time designing the Web site.

Adobe Ideas by Adobe Systems Inc.(Free) Like iMockups above, I recommend this app in my iPad Apps for Designers post but this app will be important for Web developers as well. Get your basic ideas, color scheme, and design out of your head and on to your iPad for your design inspiration.

Freeform by Stunt Software ($9.99) A simple vector drawing tool lets you create sketches and diagrams using the typical vector tools like shapes, paths, points, and all ways to control them.

Source Viewer XL by Piet Jones ($1.99) This is another simple but incredibly useful tool for your Web development arsenal. This app lets you view the HTML, CSS and Javascript source code of any Web site. Follow the CSS links to get the source code, save images, copy & paste code, email and save bookmarks. It is only 2 dollars.

jQuery Reference by Mario Micklisch ($1.99) Documentation at your fingertips wherever you go. Throw out your Flash reference guides because we all know jQuery is where it’s at (for iOS accessibility’s sake). Search for the functions or browse through the categories and test the examples without leaving the app.

Gusto by Horse and the Rock ($6.99) Having a basic FTP program is essential for Web developers, one created to embrace the workflow of Web development on the iPad is even better. I had a hard time figuring out which one was better out of the top three FTP apps and I am not a fan of having more than one app that does the same thing. The other ones I looked at was Markup ($9.99) and FTP On The Go ($9.99). Gusto seems to be built for the iPad while the other two, an after thought. And currently, it is on sale, making it the cheapest of the three. They all allow you to look at and edit your pages. I looked at all three and Gusto pulls ahead in the design department where all functionality seems equal. If I were to base my decision on reviews, Gusto wins in this department as well.

HootSuite by Hootsuite Media Inc. (Free) Manage your social media accounts in one convenient app. This allows you to post to all at the same time, or just a couple or maybe an hour from now or maybe tomorrow. Add friends, followers, and Facebook pages and your multiple personalities and even track message click statistics. HooteSuite is free for up to five social media accounts, any beyond that and there will be a small monthly fee. But seriously, who has more than five social networking accounts anyway? Ok, I do.

Analytics HD by Inblosam LLC ($6.99) Firstly, keep track of your Google Analytics. View the charts and reports all from the comfort and safety of your iPad. That’s how I learned that someone from Malaysia visited my site, and that you can find my Web site with the search term “examples of bed bugs in a mattress” which I am still trying to figure out… The graphs visualize the information clearly and who doesn’t love a pretty graph?

Think of any others to add to the list? Post your thoughts below.


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