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Dirigo IMail POP and IMAP E-Mail

Dirigo IMail POP and IMAP E-Mail

Dirigo IMail POP and IMAP E-Mail

IPSwitch IMail Server is a Windows Email Server designed specifically for the small-to-medium sized business. We've used IMail servers since 1999 and currently run around fourteen IMail servers. Prior to building out a robust commercial e-mail sending system, we relayed the bulk of our commercial bulk email via IMail. Each IMail server installation has the capacity to process around 17K outbound e-mails per hour (dependant on the hardware setup). IMail is our lowest cost POP/IMAP e-mail. We offer more advanced POP and MS Exchange e-mail with SPAM and virus protection via RackSpace.

Webmail Locations

To access Webmail you will need to know your server location. These are our public e-mail servers. Dirigo customers who run dedicated IMail servers will typically find their Webmail at http://webmail.[domain].com.


Access to our RackSpace POP service can be found here.

If you are an IMail Administratior you can replace "iClient" with "iAdmin" to log-in to the admin control panel.

All Dirigo clients have their MX records pointed to mail.domain.com (where "domain" is your domain). As such the server settings are:

POP: mail.domain.com
SMTP: mail.domain.com
IMAP: mail.domain.com

Autentication is required and is set to your full e-mail address (e.g. name@domain.com) and password.


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