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New MS Exchange Users


Dirigo has just setup a Managed Exchange e-mail account for you. What's next?

Step 1: Login to the mailbox Control Panel using a web browser. The Control Panel is different than Web Mail. Please bookmark this blog page URL so that you can get back to it at a later date.

Go to this URL: https://cp.rackspace.com/usercp/

Your username is your full email address. It should always be lower case.

Use the password supplied by Dirigo. If it does not work, call or email us immediately.

Step 2: Immediately change your password.

Step 3: Update your contact information.

Step 4: Set your calendar preferences.

Step 5: Setup your SPAM settings.

Step 6: Choose your desktop software. You can download one of the software packages from the Control Panel or use software already installed on your desktop. A FREE legitimate version of Microsoft Outlook is licensed for use with all Microsoft Exchange servers. Microsoft Exchange 2010+ no longer supports Outlook 2003 or Entourage 2004.

Your tablet/smartphone will already have software

Step 7: Follow Client Setup guides to configure your email account. If you are setting up an iPhone there is an easier configuration method that we’ll discuss next.  If you prefer to setup your iPhone manually, simply follow the supplied instructions.

What's next?


Microsoft Exchange has a full featured web client called Outlook Web Access (OWA). You can login to OWA immediately using the your email address and password here:


Some of our clients don't use desktop software.  They prefer to use the OWA client.  The OWA client is a bit slower and not as full featured as MS Outlook.  It also requires an internet connection to access messages.  MS Outlook caches a copy of delivered email on the desktop so that an internet connection is not required to access email that has already been read or downloaded.

Easy iPhone Setup

Once logged into OWA click the gear icon in the upper right corner. Then click Options. In the middle/left of the screen you’ll find a link to setup your iPhone. This feature will send a text message to your iPhone. Open the text message and click on the link. This will setup your iPhone for you.

A similar process exists for setting up Microsoft Outlook.

OWA is similar to the Control Panel in that you can set options and change your password. Note that SPAM and Calendar settings are not controlled from OWA.


SPAM email is quarantined. It is always a good idea to “white list” important contacts so that you prevent false positives. Most accounts are configured to receive a list of quarantined messages by email once per day. In the event that you want to login immediately to the Quarantine Manager you can do so by using the link at the bottom of the Control Panel Page.

* Note: If you also have a POP style email account the setup is a bit different.


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