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Dirigo has just setup a RS POP/IMAP e-mail account for you. What's next?

Webmail is easily the best way to get the most out of your new email account. You should consider using Webmail as your primary email application.  Below you'll find information on logging in to Webmail and how to setup popular email clients (e.g. MS Outlook) and mobile devices.

Step 1: Login to webmail at http://apps.rackspace.com.  Use your full email address as the user name and the password supplied by Dirigo. Webmail requires far less support than desktop email clients (such as Outlook). That's because it's simple, straightforward and intuitive; yet still powerful enough to handle any business email account.

Step 2: Change your password.  Once logged in, use the ‘three bar’ menu in the upper right corner of the webpage to get to settings.  Then use the lower left menu link to change your password.  Change your password often and always use a sufficiently large password.  Your email password should be the most secure password that you use.

Step 3:  Tune your SPAM settings and other preferences from this same menu area.

Step 4: Familiarize yourself with the help area which is also found under the ‘three bar’ menu.

Step 5: Configure IMAP or POP on your mobile device. Visit our mobile client setup page and find your device.  Then follow the subsequent setup steps.

Step 6: Setup your desktop or laptop by visiting the desktop client setup page and find your device.  Then follow the subsequent setup steps.

If you would like to use the MS Office Setup Wizard, login to webmail and look for an email on the Setup Wizard.  Manual settings can be found on the Rackspace POP E-mail documentation page.



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